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On Terra's Call

"I was riveted to this book. It is both character-driven and action-packed with hints of romance. I cared about each character within moments of his/her introduction."

K. Kohut

"Great entertaining reading. PTL Perrin explores some interesting ideas on the question of "what if we weren't alone". Did God create more than one planet with intelligent life? Are they interacting with us on some level? Anything is possible in the realm of the imagination, and sometimes what is in the imagination can turn out to be true."

Mark T.

"I can't wait for the next book!!! What a wonderful story!! As soon as I received the book, I began reading it and devoured it within days! The story line kept me guessing, right up until the very end, and I fell in love with the characters in this book. I can't wait to go on another adventure with my new friends and see how they handle what comes next!"

Queen Natalia

On Triton's Call

"A wonderful combination of science fiction and fantasy! This is the second book in a series and even though I had not read the first, I was able to follow along and keep up. I will definitely go back and start from the beginning. Sky, Jewel, Pax and Storm are delightful characters that hold the balance between being uniquely original and easy to identify with."

Tracy Ball

"This is the second installment of the adventures of four teens with special “abilities” tied to extraterrestrials’ involvement with life on Earth. It was as good as the first, if not better! It held my attention throughout, sometimes keeping me riveted!"

K. Kohut

"This book kept me captivated; I was crazy about Storm (he's hot) and I couldn't wait to see what happened to Jewel. An excellent read for ANY age; I'm usually not into science fiction, but this book was awesome. If your teen is looking for a great read, try this and the first book, Terra's Call! Can't wait for the next book in the series!"





On Voice of Viracocha

"The third book of the TetraSphere is just as riveting as the first two! The story picks up where we last left the kids and immediately we are on an adventure yet again. Expect the unexpected, as the four teens continue their quest to save the world, explore new places and open up to love; and we find ourselves wrapped up in their world, on the edge of our seats wondering what will happen next. The TetraSphere is a must for ALL readers."

Michelle Magrans-Perez

"The third book is just as thrilling as the first two! Picked it up and could not put it down. Fast read. Looking forward to book four. Adventure, drama, and a love story, all in one great riveting book."

Patricia K. Sardina

"Voice of Viracocha is another entertaining and imaginative Sci-Fi book in the Tetrasphere series. Each book progresses as the story becomes more and more intriguing. PTL Perrin uses actual mysterious artifacts and unexplained phenomena and combines them with myth, legend and the supernatural powers of 4 teenagers to give us a great story.

"I recommend these books for anyone of any age. It’s entertaining to the young, and tickles the imagination of anyone having had any interest in the unexplained - regardless of how many years we have lived. I can’t wait for the next book!"

Mark T.

On Terra's Anthem

"This is the climactic episode in a wonderful series. The characters and relationships continued to pull me in. All were well-developed. The idea of song and resonance being built into the fabric of our world was so interesting and sparked many thoughts, something I look for in a good read. This book has a lovely blend of reality and well-written sci-fi fantasy. In the end, plots and sub plots were resolved in a very satisfying way. I definitely recommend this series."

K. Kohut

"I truly enjoyed Terra's Anthem. It was a fast read. I felt like I had just picked it up and I was on chapter 45 in no time. Really kept my interest all the way through. Great ending. Actually, a Great series."

Patricia K Sardina

On Reflections of a Misfit

"The words of this proficient writer grabbed me by the heart and led me on a trail of laughter and reflection that unlocked emotions that were both delightful, amusing and all too familiarly human. Like a skillful surgeon she was able to dissect the frailty of our humanity and the indomitable spirit in all of us to overcome any and all challenges in life when we apply the scriptures. Her tongue in cheek sense of humor and her skill in applying insightful nuggets from the bible is a delight to read. I love, love, love this book."

Charmaine Dudley

"Patty's book is unique. She uses her personal life experiences and ties them in with scripture. This book has helped me a lot in my own reflections and has ministered to me in many ways."

Margaret Flohr

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